Maintaining Your Forklift

With just a scoop forklifts can move heavy loads from one place to another. Having been invented in the early 20th, they were named after the fork-like prongs that usually slide underneath a load. Nowadays they have become an integral part of modern and industrialized businesses. From construction sites to warehouses, recycling operations and dockyards, whether it is an indoor or outdoor storage, the forklift will be useful. forklift maintenance service is an integral part of owning a forklift it is a safety requirement, it also ensures that they last longer. 

Extra information about forklift maintenance service


For you to get years of service, you have to adhere to preventive, predictive, reactive maintenance with the following steps. One is having a maintenance schedule; The manufacturer mostly provides this. They will recommend the intervals at which the forklift should be checked. It can be based on time such as every four months or like a car upon completion of certain mileage or usage. Things to check include the condition of the tire, drive train, and the brakes also change the fluids and the filters.


The second way of ensuring a forklift is in good working condition is to have a daily inspection. Apart from what the manufacturer has recommended you should have a daily checklist for things to look out. A regular check will prevent deterioration, interruptions while working and guarantee the safety of your employees. Having a standardized list will give employees clues on what to look out for every morning before the beginning of the shift. Some key elements can include the pressure of the tires, the condition of the seat belt, hoses, brake performance and the levels of the different fluids.


Cleanliness is also essential when it comes to the operation of a forklift. Cleaning ensures that the forklift looks neat and new even when it has been used for a while. You also get to remove residues which can cause a blockage. Cleaning once a week should be enough giving emphasis on radiators, any debris or dust on the various parts. A clean forklift ensures that the machine is in good working condition while working. Use clean water; it is not advisable to use flammable liquids.


Immediate attention should be given to any issue that arises to prevent build up and an eventual replacement of the machine. It also prevents accidents while working. Any parts that will be replaced should come from licensed suppliers to ensure quality. When you realize break are soft replace them. Tires should also be checked n a regular basis. Due to usage in the same areas, you will find that one side is more worn out than the other.


Ensure the maintenance is being done by qualified professionals who know what to look out. You can contact a company to do the annual, quarterly or the monthly inspection to guarantee the quality of service. The frequency and intensity of maintenance will be determined by issues such as the value or age f the forklift, the safety standards requirement or the service record.